Cian In Narbonne Week 3

Back again for my third blog ! I’m officially 3 weeks in and everything has become noticeably easier after that 3 week mark. I feel as if my French has improved both orally and written. Unlike the previous two weeks , when talking to someone you would really have to think about how you were going to say something , things seem to be coming to my brain naturally and my fluency has improved tremendously. Also my ability to understand fast French speakers has improved , as I can now understand relatively well what most of the teachers are saying whereas when I arrived here I was unable to understand much other than the words I already knew.

Cian 1.2

I could never really wrap my head around the idea of how you could learn a language without having someone translate it all the time but it’s crazy how it actually is proving to be the best way. As long as you know the general context of what’s being said then your brain begins to recognise the words and remember them. It’s quite fascinating.

I remember on the first day , I had a free class and was looking to go out to the cafe across the road from the school. When the principal was trying to explain why I had to have permission to leave I hadn’t a clue what he was saying , but yesterday we had a free class and we had the same talk , but this time I was able to understand him alot better and even rang my house mum through French and asked her if it was okay with her if I left the school for an hour while I had a free class. It’s little improvements like this that help you track how much you are learning. The same applies for in the canteen , at the beginning to say what we wanted to eat there was a lot of pointing involved , but nowadays we can tell the ladies what I would like and even be specific on how much of it I would like.

On the weekend I went to a Narbonne rugby game. The standard wasn’t great but was still a good match and the stadium was quite cool aswell ! My favourite part was because it was the last game of the season after the game everyone got to run onto the pitch to congratulate the players.

cian 1.3

My own rugby over here is going really well. The sessions are very different compared with the ones back home. As I am a back , we are always practicing skills such as passing and going through moves , where as the forwards are just tackling eachother the whole time. It’s crazy. My favourite part is at the end when we have a 25 minute match 15 on 15. It’s very physical but it’s great fun and they have a tradition where the losing team gets their ears flicked twice by their opposite number. It’s a lot more sore than it sounds !

cian 1.4.PNG

The early mornings are very easy now and in general falling asleep at around 10 at night , regardless whether I’m in the school or with my host family ! As a matter of fact it’s my bed time now , so I will leave it here !


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